Each of us dreams of a cozy, functional home interior. Many even imagine what it should look like in small details. But not everyone decides to realize their dreams on their own, fearing that they will do something wrong. We will tell you where to start and where to get inspiration for custom house design.

1. Design begins with the analysis of the room

Yes, before you go to the store and buy buckets of the heavenly azure paint simply because you like it, you should analyze the possibilities of your room well. It is necessary to take into account its size, natural illumination, the location of the doors.


- Consider the storage areas.
If you take up most of the studio space with a luxurious four-poster bed, there will be nowhere to fold the bed linen. So first of all, think about the storage systems, and only then let your imagination run wild, not forgetting about the sense of proportion.

- The space must correspond to the number of residents, including pets. We have almost bought all the furniture and suddenly realized that there is nowhere to put a children's desk?

Make yourself a small questionnaire:

  • How many people will live in the house?
  • Are there any children, elderly people?
  • Are there any pets?

Аfter that, start the design project.

2. Definition of the concept

At this stage, you can give a little will to your inner designer and remember what you have so dreamed of embodying in your own custom home.


– The bar is too high when choosing a style Considering catalogs of fashionable interiors, you should remember that not all styles can be painlessly implemented in your house. It is necessary to take into account how appropriate and comfortable it will be for you to live in such an environment for the next few years.

- Misunderstanding of the cost of a design in a certain style. Expectations and reality do not always coincide. Believe, a fake ottoman of the Victorian era will immediately catch your eye against the background of a Finnish table and a Chinese vase with artificial flowers. Try to stick to the timeless style. Think about the functionality of the future interior.

3. Search for color solutions

So it's time to study the numerous palettes and find out the differences between the color of the thigh of a frightened nymph and the color of the London fog. Color is one of the most important components of the future interior.


- Looping on one color. The mono-color in the living room is depressing, think about how you can dilute the shade you like.

- Extremes when choosing a color solution. Many people in pursuit of the modern trend of minimalism prefer boring shades of beige. Others, on the contrary, want to paint this world, as a result, the interior turns out to be too colorful.

- Incorrectly selected color. When choosing the shade of the walls, we are to know that too bright colors in the bedroom will drive away sleep, and cold colors in the kitchen or dining room will reduce your appetite (which, of course, is not bad if you dream of losing weight).

– The color must match the function. Study the influence of certain shades on various emotions.

– Be bold when choosing a shade.

4. Layout of the space

Where will the grandmother's rocking chair be located, and where is the children's play complex? At this stage, the main thing is to calculate everything correctly. Of course, if desired, the grandmother's chair can be moved in the future away from the draft and closer to the light, but it will be more difficult to twist the horizontal bars or rearrange the cabinet.


– It always seems that the room is larger than it is. So you are sure that you will fit a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a nightstand, and even your favorite ottoman with Aliexpress. But in the end, you may face the fact that the furniture will fill the entire space and the room will become too crowded. Leave a reserve for air!

- The doors open the wrong way. It is important to determine in advance in which direction it will be more convenient to open interior doors and on which side the handles will be located.

– Develop spatial thinking. For example, draw a route from memory after a walk or remember all the objects in the room from which you just left.

– Take into account the ergonomics and architectural features of the space.

– When planning lighting, take into account the amount of light that enters the room in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

– Consider how much time you or your family members will spend in the room.

5. Selection of materials and interior elements

What could be more pleasant than traveling around the world of furniture supermarkets, looking at racks with door handles, cornices, faucets shining with pride, etc. Right now it is important not to make a mistake with the choice of those little things that will create your comfort.


The design shouldn’t follow the principle of "Everything is Like Everyone Else Has". Do not repeat the interior you have seen, because you have taken up the independent arrangement of the house to realize your creative streak!

– Expand your horizons.

– Do not limit yourself in choosing places to buy materials. Refer to the catalogs of home builders near you, for example, in Sacramento home builder.

– Use a designer’s discount from a custom home builder. Don't be afraid to bargain, declaring yourself a designer! Suppliers will see you as a regular customer and can reduce the price.

7. Create a mood board

Before furnishing a house according to your design, it is important to understand how certain elements will be combined. Make a mood board collage of the intended interior items. The Internet is full of programs that will help you with this.


- Inconsistency of the planned with the real one. It is not always possible to find a particular design element from the catalog in reality. Learn how to select a replacement.
Often you want to see how a certain shade of textiles will combine with the color of walls or furniture. Do not be afraid to ask for samples in stores, posing as an interior designer. Sellers will be happy to meet you halfway.

You can enjoy the process of self-designing the exterior and interior of your home with the help of articles on the website of luxury home builder HouseIdea. Or, you can describe your requirements to our company professionals and get a unique custom project. We will be glad to create a thoughtful design with all your wishes in mind!

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