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We specialize in navigating the ever-changing regulatory frameworks of Sacramento regarding accessory dwelling units.

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Sacramento ADU Construction

It's not easy to get a permit for accessory dwelling units. "Absolutely, no problem!" any accessory dwelling units contractor can say when they come to your house. But, dozens of research requirements and data points must be addressed with your city, county, or neighborhood authorities.

We specialize in navigating the ever-changing regulatory frameworks of Sacramento regarding accessory dwelling units. 

Every ADU construction project is scoped and feasible so that you can focus on your new home.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Construction Contractor in Sacramento

We begin by listening. Understanding your motives and unique requirements is crucial to creating legal and appealing designs.

We begin each assignment with an interview. We want to know how an ADU construction will have a beneficial impact to collaborate efficiently and provide excellent solutions.

After we've gained a thorough understanding of your needs, we'll use our decades of ADU construction knowledge to create an Accessory dwelling units design that's legal, on budget, and that you'll appreciate.

Quality Build

For years, we've been traditional builders. Prefabricated mobile homes are not something we do. For decades, one of our key aims has been giving customers the most long-term value possible. After all, a house is supposed to last.

The basis for tackling the thousands of variables that go into any construction project are process, management, and decades of professional ADU builders experience. Our goal is to provide structure and predictability.

Our end-to-end methodology ensures that there are no surprises.

Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units in Sacramento

Why would someone want to build another house on a single-family home site? There may be some obstacles along the way: even a second single-family home will take up space and may necessitate more planning, fees, and bills. Building an accessory dwelling units could be helpful in a variety of ways. ADU construction can be done in conjunction with the central unit or separately.

The following are the most common uses for such accessory dwelling units:

  • Guesthouse

If your friends come to visit you frequently and stay for an extended period of time, it will be more convenient to lodge them in an ADU construction, which has its own kitchen, bedrooms, and sanitation system, among other amenities.

  • Place of the Family's Next Generation's Residency

Your ADU construction can be used by family members who are elderly. They may find it tough to live in other cities, far away from you, and they will demand your constant attention. Simultaneously, keeping multiple generations under one roof can be inconvenient for most of us: the young want to have fun, the elderly want to be alone, and so on. In the United States, ADU construction is widely referred to as "Granny Flats" since it is frequently used as living quarters for older family members. They also live up to the moniker, quite comfortable for the entire family.

Passive Income Source (Rental Income)

It is possible to rent out the other house if it is well-positioned—for example, near a pond or a forest—and the Accessory dwelling units design adheres to the design rules applicable to the land on which the ADU is built. It will provide you with extra monthly cash while allowing your renters to live in peace.

  • Studio, Workshop, and Home Office

If the property owners work remotely, having an ADU construction is quite convenient. You will work in a quiet setting without being distracted by individuals you live with or home tasks if you have a separate building. You can cross the backyard and be at work in no time, which is a convenient choice, not to mention the fresh air and change of scenery.

Full-Service ADU Build & Design Company


Make an appointment for a no-cost assessment. Our contractor will perform pre-approval qualifications and provide 100% financing. Financing alternatives with low-interest rates are available.


We've come to you for a property and zoning evaluation. The scope and expense of the project are documented.


We do a site survey and begin preliminary planning, design, and engineering, including scope and scheduling, to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.


We manage the entire design and building process. Our contractor will provide post-construction quality testing and maintenance once the project is completed.

One-Stop-Shop for ADU Builders in Sacramento


Collaborate with our designer to design the home of your dreams.


Our team will create 3D renderings of your idea and bring it to life.

Code Requirements

We'll ensure that your home is up to code and in compliance with all building regulations.


For your construction, our engineers will develop permit-ready plans.


Allow our designer to assist you in selecting materials specific to your design.


Our ADU builders in Sacramento will have all of the necessary permits to get your project started.

How Much Does Sacramento ADU Construction Cost?

The standard cost of a new home (which ranges from $250 to $300 per square foot) does not apply to Accessory dwelling units, which can be more expensive due to smaller economies of scale, access to the building site, and the removal/replacement of existing yard improvements. The easiest way to determine a realistic budget is to consult a designer AND a builder early on.

What is the Best Way to Pay for ADU Construction?

In considering financing possibilities, speaking with a construction lender, banker, or broker is critical - equity lines of credit, a second mortgage, or plain cash can all be explored depending on the budget (and potential income).

Whether you're designing for the moon or for modest tastes, the finishes, style, and amenities you choose will have an impact on cost and utility, so selecting the ideal builder-partner to evaluate these items with your goals is an excellent first step.

Which Accessory Dwelling Units Are Allowed in Sacramento?

There are three choices for Accessory dwelling units, depending on the structure of your home and the size of your lot:

  • Detached (Garage, Basement, etc.)
  • Converted 
  • Attached 

Accessory Dwelling Units Contractors in Sacramento

The growing popularity of ADU construction in Sacramento has prompted construction and remodeling companies to set new goals. The problem is exacerbated by the global pandemic, which has introduced new challenges and raised new quality and safety criteria. The benefits of renting out an ADU construction are a wise long-term investment, even if the rental expenses are high. Keep in mind, though, that a lot is dependent on the contractor.

  • Professionalism

Choose contractors who have been in the business for a long time. That is usually the best option because the contractor's expertise and ability to stay afloat in difficult circumstances indicate ethical company practices. If your contractor has been in your area for a while, he will know how to pull the right strings in terms of easy supply and high-quality products.

  • In-depth understanding of local regulations

Your contractor should take on this task if you want your ADU construction to follow the law's criteria. To ensure a safe and secure project from the outset, they should be well-versed in the most recent versions of municipal rules, permit regulations, and other legal difficulties.

  • A well-balanced strategy

While designing and building an ADU construction is difficult, a good contractor will have a solid, well-designed construction plan in place ahead of time, taking into account all other crucial elements, and will be able to answer all of your concerns about the process.

  • Effective communication

Another aspect in the foundation of a decent construction process is the contractor's openness. It aids in the creation of a suitable atmosphere and connection between the property owner and the expert ADU Builders. Set aside any reservations, and feel free to inquire.

  • Positive feedback from a client

Also, word of mouth, which is still relevant in accurate service descriptions, should be considered. Your neighbors may have used the services of a particular contractor and can recommend one who is ideal for the job. Testimonies from the most significant contractors in the field can be found on their own websites.

Is ADU Construction The Right Choice For You?

Take a look at the following suggestions for getting started:

  • Identify Your Needs

Being a homeowner means there's always a project or an improvement you'd like to do. But, an ADU construction is about more than just increasing the value of your property. It's also about making your home more spacious and functional for you and your family. It's about improving your living position and, in some cases, a family member or close friend's living status.

  • Make a financial plan

The cost of an ADU construction is determined by the type you select — attached or detached, basement or garage — as well as the size of the unit. What you want to develop will be heavily influenced by your housing needs. To establish the breadth of the makeover, you'll also want to take an honest look at your finances.

  • Have a Big Dream

One of the most significant advantages of building a Accessory dwelling units is that it allows you to transform your current dwelling into the dream home of your dreams. You may be making room for a personal gym. It could also mean you're downsizing and allowing your adult children and grandchildren to grow up with grandparents next door in the family home.

HouseIdea can help you navigate the ever-changing Accessory dwelling units landscape and build a stunning new structure on your property. Our contractor will be happy to talk with you about your present needs and assist you in determining whether an ADU construction is perfect for you.

What Makes Us Unique ADU Builders in Sacramento?

Building with you in mind

Our procedure is well-organized, simplified, and tailored to your needs.


In the industry, we have received numerous accolades and certifications.

Savings are available in more significant amounts

Because we have an in-house workforce, we can pass on vendor savings to you.

Excellent product

Products of furniture-grade quality at a reasonable price.

Trusted sources

Our showroom has the most up-to-date materials from well-known manufacturers.

Full service

Every step of the procedure is handled by our expertise, including acting as project manager. Our contractor will take care of everything, so you don't have to.

Fast build

Our construction schedules are among the fastest in the industry, thanks to prefab construction and outstanding efficiency.


Our materials are green-certified and eco-friendly.

No pressure sales

We would like you to be confident in your decision, so there will be no high-pressure sales tactics used.

Our Past Projects

We are pleased with the projects we have performed in Sacramento at HouseIdea. Our ADU builders strive to improve your current living space to your complete pleasure. That's because we're experienced ADU builders in Sacramento. Our ADU builders works on various ADU projects each year, and no two are alike, ensuring that your home is genuinely unique.

With our help, you can shorten the ADU building process and get the permits you need to create an accessory dwelling units with minimal downtime. HouseIdea in Sacramento urges you to peruse our project gallery to see examples of our previous work.

Our ADU builders make it feasible for you to increase the value of your home. To offer flexible living areas, our Sacramento ADU builders have completed garage and basement conversions, as well as detached and attached ADU structures.

The ADU builders at HouseIdea in Sacramento create accessory living units to fit your specific needs. Tell us more about your ideas, and we'll create a design for aging parents, young children, yoga and fitness studios, creative projects, music, and other areas of your life that are important to you. The goal of our ADU builders is to design and build an ADU space that you can use all year. With options for beautiful windows, entry doors, and skylights that create a welcoming ambiance, you may incorporate as much natural light as you want.

Accessory Dwelling Units Design & Construction Services

HouseIdea in Sacramento recognizes that your home vision is unique to you and your daily routine. We take the time to design designs for a one-of-a-kind structure that can stand alone or be connected to your house. Our Accessory dwelling units are built to your exact specifications in terms of size and layout. We differ from other Sacramento ADU builders in that we complete all of the work on your project in-house, resulting in unrivaled outcomes.

Schedule an ADU Consultation Appointment With HouseIdea in Sacramento

From the minute you contact us, HouseIdea's ADU builders in Sacramento are focused on your customer experience. Few custom ADU builders in Sacramento offer a one-year workmanship warranty as we do. Throughout the design, planning, and building stages, we will keep you informed and answer any questions you may have concerning your accessory dwelling units. 

  • Family-Owned & Operated

    Sacramento-Based Design Build Firm

  • Full Service Project Management

    Coordinate Project Details & Schedule

  • Total Personalization

    All Options To Fully Customize

  • Custom Design, Architectural Plans & 3D Renderings

    We Help Bring Your Project to Life

  • Permitting

    Start Your Project With A Detailed Plan

What Customers Are Saying

IdeaHouz was an awesome company to work with. It was a pleasure to work with Vall the general contractor. References are important. Vall was very responsive and able to show us the great work that he and his team does. We must have seen over 4 different properties he was working on within the first day. I was able to witness good quality work. I also noticed he did post contemporary and modern styles which suited my needs. Financially, he offered the best deal out of 10 contractors I had interviewed. He is fair with his pricing and is honest about what he can and can’t cut. He runs a business after all. He was great with my kids and wife’s safety and well being throughout the remodel. No one really knows how a full house remodel takes a toll on a family, but he made it easy. The design phase was great. My design was extensive. I knew exactly what I wanted, drew it on a graph paper, gave it to the architect and with some back at forth, he was able to create my dream remodel addition. Just understand that depending on where you are, there are limitations to what you can build. I found this out living in a city. The process of designing could take as long as the build. But it’s worth it and inspiring. We opted to move to a rental during construction. Vall was very responsive to every concern I had and allowed me to visit on site to monitor progress which is important. He was able to foresee what was coming and prepared me for what I can change and stuff I can no longer change once a phase is done. That was important because it gave me clear expectations through the many steps involved in the remodel. Change orders cost money and there will be some and some are unavoidable. One should prepare extra money aside for that. Things are going to go wrong. If a mistake is done on his part, Vall will go out of his way to fix it. He puts the hammer down on his workers to get it done right. It’s good to have him on your side. Overall my experience with IdeaHouz was excellent. Vall continues to still check on me and my family and how the house is doing which shows he cares and is committed to his work. And so far living in our newly renovated house, we couldn’t be more happier. No issues as of yet.

Clem A.

Google 5 Star Rating

Vall and his company did our addition, it was a rather large job, 2200 sf. Vall’s bid wasn’t the lowest ( 2nd lowest) but that wasn’t the reason why we chose him. The job was complicated due to the current electrical capacity. All other builders gave bids with TBA for that complicated part of the addition and didn’t bother to look into it so we have an idea how much it might cost but Vall spent lots of time researching, getting bids to give us a good idea of cost. He came up with many creative solutions and answer all the questions we have. We have done many renovations in our previous homes so we want as few unknowns as possible to prevent cost from running out of hand. Vall had patiently work out all our concerns before we went into contract. We ended the project with less than 5% over original price. All construction has snags here and there but we worked through them fine and had a relatively smooth sailing. We were not happy with the metal roof job the first time but Vall went back and did it again to satisfy our request. We are very happy with our new addition. We got many compliments on it from friends and family. Vall always returned my calls and took care of any minor problems after job completed. I would recommend Vall without hesitation. He did a good job with very competitive price. After we finished my next door neighbor also used Vall for his renovation. I interviewed 4 builders for our job over 6 months before we chose Vall and we are happy we did.

M. HD.

Houzz Rating

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