A luxury home builder can implement not only your most daring ideas in exterior and interior design, but also implements them in full accordance with modern trends.

1. Fashionable interiors and an ecological approach to furniture and accessories

Environmental awareness is constantly growing. We sort garbage, recycle old clothes, throw harmful plastic bags. The internal trends of 2021 also draw attention to an ecological approach to life. The fashion for returning life to old furniture is becoming more and more obvious.

If you are just starting an adventure with furniture repair, choose simple models. Chairs without upholstery will be perfect because you can easily clean them and repaint the wood. A small wooden coffee table or bedside table will also be a good start.

You can do more than just what you find at flea markets. Are you tired of an old piece of furniture? Update it yourself with the help of paints, new upholstery material.

An ecological approach also involves the choice of accessories made of natural materials. Linen bed linen on the bed is a much better solution than artificial polyester, which is unpleasant for the body and harmful to the environment. If you are looking for accessories in the form of baskets for cosmetics or newspapers, pay attention to the wicker models. Lighting can also be made of natural materials – a rattan chandelier will refresh the atmosphere of your apartment.

2. Exotic trends of 2021: ethnic style

Are you bored with the ubiquitous white and gray? The fashionable interiors of 2021 are full of colors and patterns, among which there are ethnographic motifs. African style will make your home unusual.

The idea of an apartment decorated in an exotic style should not be expensive to implement. Just a few changes, for example, the colors of accessories. Use colors similar to the earth, for example, sand, yellow, and red. Do not forget about the original design — a few pillows with spots or stripes of zebra are enough to update the composition.

In the ethnographic style, warm wood is both on the floor and on the ceiling. If you liked the exotic trends of 2021, use accessories from the masters. Bring unique souvenirs from long trips — figurines, braids, vases, and tin bowls will also be perfect. Hang a mask or totem on the wall.

You can also create fashionable interiors in an ethnographic style thanks to wall paintings. Proper graphics will not only emphasize your passion for rich colors but also add depth to the room. You can print out several graphic images yourself and hang them in frames, thus obtaining a unique composition.

Also, remember that the ethnographic style is inspired not only by Africa but also by Mexico. Do you like the colors of this country? You can design fashionable interiors in the Mexican style without traveling – just use sombrero and cactus motifs. Pay special attention to textiles — the Aztec pattern on blankets or rugs will completely change the interior.

3. Stone is the most popular material of 2021

Getting closer to nature means not only filling the interiors with plants but also using natural materials. Wood has reigned for a long time and will remain extremely popular. The modern interior of the apartments will also be finished with stone in 2021. It can appear on the floor, wall, and in additions.

It is worth decorating the interiors of apartments with timeless marble. If you like bright irregularities choose stone tiles for the floor.

You can feel modern interiors with stone furniture. Impressive consoles for the hallway, a coffee table in the living room, or a kitchen countertop — each of these marble elements will make your apartment fashionable in 2021. Marble furniture combines with timeless wood or gold — they will also become a noticeable trend soon.

4. Fashionable interior compositions in mint color

The approach to nature is visible in color, which, according to the HouseIdea custom home builder, will be visible both on the streets, in fashion, and our houses. This color is mint. The color has two sides — on the one hand, it is modern and futuristic, and on the other, it is associated with nature.

Thanks to several elements in mint color, you will get a beautiful house. If you like to follow fashion, enter this interesting color in the add-ons. Choose bedding, vases or metal, openwork lamps. Remember not to overdo it — mint looks best in combination with white and gray.

If you have time for repairs, decide to repaint one of the walls in mint color. This solution is ideal for a bedroom. You can combine mint color in a modern way with geometric patterns, and give the color a romantic character by combining it with elements with a floral motif.

5. Home idea: bright colors!

Dark blue, dark green, burgundy-thanks to them, you will also get an impressive home environment. Dark colors should no longer overload the interior. Skillfully applied, they will work even in a small room.

You can use deep shades in additions, but nothing prevents you from using them in the entire composition. Paint the wall in the bedroom in a shade of bottle green, choose a burgundy headboard, and complement everything with gold accessories. You do not need to lighten the interior with white linen. Choose products that relate to the color of the walls and headboard, and the decor will be consistent and original.

A great combination of colors for the living room will be red with brown. Use a brick veneer on one of the walls, the one behind the sofa. Choose a place in a caramel shade. Use a wooden table or a model with a black base and a glass.

6. Organization of the space

The appearance of radius fillets in a modern stylish interior is welcome. In the design of openings, niches, the trend for straightness is going away. A new trend is radius and arch shapes.

It is not fashionable to divide rooms into many zones by walls, low partitions, or niches. Preference is given to space and volume, rather than small nooks. Sliding partitions that change the image of space are relevant. However, in the conditions of a pandemic, the trend for zoning with partitions is likely to remain in 2021, since everyone needs at least a little space for personal space.

The pandemic is also adjusting the organization of the workspace. Working with a laptop "on your knees" is going out of fashion. The transition to remote work and self-isolation brings new trends to a stylish interior. The trend of 2021 for organizing at least a small, but full-fledged personal workplace at home is growing rapidly. After all, even a small, but own desktop, will help to create convenient working conditions.

7. Furniture, doors, ceilings

In 2021, furniture goes out of fashion completely without handles; convenient unobtrusive built-in handles are more relevant. Such handles are much more practical than their complete absence. The trend towards practicality is obvious.

Collecting items for a room from the furniture of one collection has now become boring, rather than stylish. Individuality is important in the selection of furniture. A unique chair looks cozy, different in color, and even in shape from a sofa and not the same furniture from the same collection.

Give up low doors, high doors, and doors to the ceiling look more stylish. In the modern interior, doorframes appear less and less often. The trend of door design tends to minimalism. Even in the neoclassical interior, there is a decrease in the depth of the panels.

In 2021, multi-level complex ceilings with patterned stucco decoration are not relevant. The ceiling can have single functional steps to hide communications or be flat. If we are talking about stucco decoration in neoclassical interiors, then it should be as simple as possible, often without any ornament.

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