Trends in home design and renovation reflect the reflection of larger processes that are taking place in the world. Once there were fashionable ruffles and frills on curtains, cornices, tablecloths, and even shutters. Then, the excesses in the exterior and interior were replaced by open layouts, minimalism in lines, colors, and details. In 2021, custom home design meets the new conditions in which the world found itself after the pandemic.

In this article, we will tell you about the newest trends in custom home design which you can implement with the help of a custom home builder near you.

1. Improvement of air purification systems

We have begun to pay attention to air quality. At the construction level, this led to an increase in investments in the modernization of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Custom home builders remove mold and damage caused by moisture. Respiratory transmission of the virus that caused the pandemic is confirmed. Therefore, take care of improvements related to air conditioning and the optimal level of humidity in the house.

2. Spaces where different generations live

Another trend is to equip a home so that it is suitable for the life of several generations at once. People want to make their extensions, outbuildings, and garages full-fledged living spaces. This proactive modernization is associated with the expectation of new long periods of isolation and quarantine. The experience of last year showed that as a result of the pandemic, many families were separated for long months. Therefore, a living “separately together” seems quite reasonable to many people.

3. Home office

Over the past year, most have faced remote work at home. For many of us, this turned out to be the first experience, and a new requirement appeared – we have to work efficiently at home. Many companies have decided to support remote work in the future. People invest in small improvements in interior design related to the maximum use. You can occupy a previously unused closet or convert an old wardrobe.

4. Investments in a new kitchen

One of the main pandemic trends was associated with the need to cook at home. This led to an incredible leap in the development of cooking skills. It turned out that now many people invest in an expensive modernization of the kitchen. It helps not only to improve your gastronomic impressions of their cooking and the cost of the whole house when reselling. Such modernization of the kitchen usually includes everything: from the replacement of household appliances to a complete repair.

5. Spa at home

Your comfort and some excess luxury is no longer redundant since now. Often due to various epidemiological restrictions, we can have spa procedures only at home. Creating a home spa turned out to be what many people need in 2021. This trend is primarily aimed at the reconstruction of bathrooms with the help of designers. Bathrooms are becoming more open and spacious, they are more often placed with rain shower faucets, deep bathrooms, and built-in steam showers.

6. Home garden

Growing plants indoors has become a popular trend in recent years. Now many people are experimenting with living walls and indoor gardens to be able to enjoy the greenery all the time. This trend also allows you to take advantage of the benefits of plants and simultaneously improve both mood and air quality. Often owners have to first clear a place for indoor gardens with herbs and green decor in the style of the jungle. Sacramento home builder offers you various projects.

7. Eco-friendly design

Many people are thinking about switching to healthier food. This is always connected with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We share garbage, which means that we need to provide convenient containers for storing plastic, paper, glass, and metal waste. We want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and install solar panels. By the way, this does not just immediately reduce utility bills, but at the same time increases the value of the house when reselling.

You can order a unique design for a house under construction, or by making a ready-made house comfortable, safe, and corresponding to rapidly changing requirements. HouseIdea will be happy to help you with your Sacramento new home construction needs!

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