Whether you want to increase the functionality of your existing home or wish to have an in-home office, building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can be an ideal option. Homeowners living in Sacramento tend to build an ADU to broaden their existing property. Because of its simplest construction process, more and more property owners prefer building an ADU on their properties.

ADUs (accessory dwelling units) are also termed in-law units, second units, casitas, and granny homes because you need to get approval from the higher authorities of the state to build an ADU on your property. This type of construction has certain limitations in terms of height and size. You can contact experienced home builders like HouseIdea to learn about the restrictions and regulations associated with building an ADU on your property in Sacramento.

If you are still getting familiar with Sacramento and California's ADU laws, you might wonder if I can build an ADU on my Sacramento property. Our experts at HouseIdea will provide you with all the legal aspects of building an ADU in Sacramento, California in order to help you get the most comprehensive answer to this question. We will also discuss what perks you will enjoy if you build an ADU of outstanding quality.

What is An Accessory Dwelling Unit: A Brief Overview?

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are an innovative construction option for adding much-needed housing in Sacramento, California. It is a small house located close to the primary dwelling unit. You can build an ADU to use your property as a rental or living space for relatives. The laws and regulations for ADU construction may vary from state to state in California. But the current information available on the official website of the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) states that you can build an ADU in Sacramento only on a single family-lot. Additionally, your ADU plan must comply with all local zoning requirements.

Types of ADUs

You can choose from the following types of accessory dwelling units to build an ADU compatible with the laws of the state and your primary dwelling unit:

Attached ADUs

An attached ADU unit shares its boundaries with the primary home. You can build an attached ADU in Sacramento to share a bathroom with the main house. For example, you can convert a garage you used to have into a brand-new attached ADU.

Detached ADUs

Detached ADUs are single-dwelling units that stand separately from the primary dwelling unit. You can build a detached ADU on your property for relatives, friends, and guests who would love to have their own space while staying on your property.

Junior ADUs

Junior ADUs are similar to regular accessory dwelling units but differ in size. When you build a junior ADU in Sacramento, it should be at most 500 square feet.

You can build a new ADU and add it anywhere on your property. Similarly, you can convert your unused garage into an ADU in Sacramento. Building a converted ADU is much easier and cheaper than building a new one. You can build an ADU to eliminate something unappealing on your property.

Reasons to Build an ADU on your Property in Sacramento

Suppose you must decide whether you should build an ADU on your property. In that case, the following solid reasons will encourage you to start building an accessory dwelling unit near your primary house:

Get Additional Values for Your Tenants

Renting out your home can be a great way to increase the value of your home if you build an ADU. It will help you attract the more prominent families who need a larger space to accommodate. Building an ADU in Sacramento makes you more flexible, meaning you can create an ADU and leave it for your long or short-term tenants. But if your tenants don't need additional space, you can use the accessory dwelling units for your storage needs.

Start an In-Home Office

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way we work. If you're working from home, you can build an ADU to get a separate office room at home. Even though the unit has a moderate size, it will be enough to create a perfect workplace located outside of the primary house.

Similarly, building an accessory dwelling unit can be a significant investment if you have a creative hobby like crafts and arts or painting. You can use your separate unit to work more efficiently and store your art pieces.

Build a Living Space for Family, Friends, and Guests

If your family is about to go through a massive change, such as your parents retiring and moving in, or you're going to welcome a new baby, you can build an ADU to get extra space to accommodate.

Building a full-fledged accessory dwelling unit is a beautiful idea if you love hosting parties and inviting friends to your place. You can provide guests, relatives, and friends with space and privacy when they’re staying at your home.

ADU Laws and Regulations for Building in Sacramento

If you wish to build an ADU on your property in Sacramento, California, you must follow the rules and regulations imposed by the existing legislation. Some of the requirements for building an accessory dwelling unit on your property include the following:

  • A single-family-home can construct one junior and one regular ADU for the primary house
  • An 850-square-foot lot is the maximum size for a single-family home with one bedroom.
  • The ADU you build in Sacramento must not be less than 150 square feet
  • The lot size can go up to 1000 square feet if you build an ADU with two bedrooms.

Building an ADU in Sacramento

When building an accessory dwelling unit in Sacramento, it is vital to comply with the laws and norms of the state. Hiring a professional home builder is a smart move to ensure a smooth ADU building process. You can get assistance from the expert builders of HouseIdea to build an ADU of outstanding quality.

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