In life, there are a lot of special moments, and building a house on your plot of land is one of them. It is a journey that truly comes from within you, but it can also become extremely overwhelming when you are unsure where to start your Custom home. 

If you are a homeowner in Sacramento, California, looking to build on your lot, here is a detailed guide by our home building experts at HouseIdea.

Our guide will cover all the basics of building on your land; we got you sorted from all the inspections and permits you need to find the right spot for your Custom home. Sick with us, and you will get the idea of building on your lot. 

Why Building a Home Is Better Than Purchasing it Somewhere Else

The question that confuses people is whether you should buy an existing house or build on your lot. There is no specific answer to this question because some people prefer buying a used home and feel it is more convenient and cost-saving, while others like a Custom home built on their lot. Here is a list of some convincing reasons why homeowners like to build on their property: 

Custom home And Its Advantages

Some communities usually have restrictions regarding the minimum square footage limit, required materials, and colors. But, when it comes to Custom home, build on your lot; you have all the liberty related to major and minor details, and you can personalize everything. From how many a number of bedrooms you want to the size of them, whatever you dream of, you can customize it. 

Location of Your Choice And Convenience

Since it is your dream to build on your lot, your Custom home will be at your chosen location. It is extremely safe to say you are satisfied with the location and surroundings. On the other hand, if you choose to buy an existing house, you might have to compromise on the location you might have imagined. There are a lot of locations in Sacramento, California, which you can choose for your Custom home. 

Energy-Efficiency is More Than In Used Homes

Unlike used homes, new homes are required to meet higher energy standards which means that your Custom home will be built with Green/energy Star-rated appliances, more efficient toilets, plumbing, and electric fixtures that allow you to save money on utility bills. So, f you reside in Sacramento, California, and looking to build on your lot, contact HomeIdea.

Higher Resale Value For Your Home

In the future, if you ever decide to sell your home, a brand new Custom home build on your lot should have a higher resale value than the older used house. One of the reasons behind this is that newly built homes require less maintenance compared to the old used home. Contact the best home builder in Sacramento, California, for higher resale values. 

5 Steps To Begin The Process Of Home Building

Choose The Initial step: 

When it comes to a Custom home, build on your lot, there are few places you can begin with. 

The Land You Are In Love With: 

You are one step further in building your home if you already own land. But, if you have not found an ideal land, you can search for the region where you want to build your home. There are many regions in Sacramento you can choose from if you are looking in this area. 

Consulting Home Builders: 

Consulting experienced home builders makes the process of Custom homes and build on your lot easy because there is clear communication, examples of houses built in the past, mutual planning, and many other advantages. If you live in Sacramento, California, or near, contact HouseIdea for the most experienced home builders. 

Examine The Land Properly

Now that you have decided where to build your Custom home, it is time to study and examine the land properly. 

Here is a list of things you should keep in mind: 

Shape and size of the lot

The shape and size of your lot greatly impact how you use the space. If the lot is small or oddly shaped, you might need to be very creative with your designs. 

Zoning regulations

Every area has its zoning regulations, which show the size of a home that can be built. Make sure to check the factors thoroughly you must consider on your lot. 

Topography and contour of your land

 the topography and contour have huge impacts on the design of the homes. You might need to consider a split-level home if your land is hilly. 

Soil Testing

Soil testing is very important when building a house to avoid issues in the future. If you face soil issues in Sacramento, California, it is better to contact a geotechnical engineer in this area.

Checking Harmful Chemicals

If your land has been built on before, you should get it checked to avoid harmful chemicals found in soil from the previously demolished structure. 


You need to make sure your home does not face any main utility problems, which include water, internet, electricity, etc. 


every property place has its own restriction policies. You will need to check with your area’s local municipality if they have area restrictions. Doing this beforehand will make your future easier and hassle-free. 

Whenever you go for the idea of a Custom Home, build on your lot in Sacramento, California; make sure to check all the things above. 

Fleshing Out The Floor Plan

This is the major part where the house becomes your home. Here is where you will design your Custom home and build on your lot according to your dream home. Go through your daily routine and design your home accordingly. Here are some things that need to be considered while selecting your floor plan: 

Home structure

Think of how you want your rooms to flow into each other. Do you want your kitchen to open in a living room or not? Make a whole house’s structure and see what and how you want. 

Natural light

The most important thing to consider is how much light you want to allow in your home through the door, windows, and ceilings and in each room. 


Privacy is another important factor you need to consider according to your lifestyle. For example: if you have to work from home, you will need to separate your work room from the living room. 

Once you have decided on the floor plan, start finalizing the finishes. Keep your budget in mind and start looking for things you want in your home, like cabinets, paint colors, and fixtures. Since it is a Custom home build on your lot, you have all the liberty to see what floor plan suits you. If you reside in Sacramento, California, make sure to contact HouseIdea. 

Calculate How Long Your Home Building Process Will Take: 

Now that your Custom home’s building begins establish how much time it will take. The process can be influenced by many factors, including material, weather, labor, unforeseen days, etc. The building process of a house might take 7-8 months, and in some cases, the limit exceeds a year and more. Plan everything accordingly because home build on your lot takes a lot of effort and time, and you need patience. 

Finding The Right Builder To Build On Your Lot: 

Choosing the right home builder for your Custom Home, build on your lot is a very tiring process. You need to find an experienced team to work for you. Here are some things you need to consider: 

Choosing Experienced Builders

The experience matters a lot. Make sure to choose builders who have extensive experience in building a house. Ask for the references and call them to understand their work better. 

Experience In Floor Plan

Make sure the builders have experience with a wide array of floor plans. If they have, you are good to go because it will give you flexibility in customization. 

Strong Network

Builders with a strong network are what you need to make the process easier and more reasonable. 

Communication Among You And The Builders

a builder with good communication skills makes your work easier, and the process becomes smooth. Because of their great communication skills, you will feel confident that they are handling everything. 

Building the Custom home you have always dreamt of is a very stressful experience. Home, build on your lot, is amazing but comes with many other factors. With the right home builders like HouseIdea in Sacramento, California, the process will be less stressful, and you can enjoy your dream coming true. 

If you ever consider a Custom home build on your lot in Sacramento, California, contact HouseIdea and get your dream home converted into reality. We would love to work for you.

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